Owing to several reasons, a garage door may not automatically open. The situation can occur due to the dead batteries of the remote or simply because of the power outage. No matter what the issue is, one should try to manually open the garage doors.

In case one is not aware of the steps involved, information regarding the correct process should be obtained. To open electric garage doors, certain parts like batteries have to be removed. After making a few checks, additional steps have to be followed. During the process, to safely execute it, one has to abide by some safety tips as well.

What are the Reasons to Open Garage Doors Manually?

In general, garage doors can easily be opened with one touch only. If it is not working, then you can blame the power outage, dead battery, or any other part.

Many times, poor maintenance or damaged parts can cause issues while opening the doors automatically. This happens when you do not focus on regular greasing of hinges and rollers.

Additionally, tightening the screws and bolts, and removing debris and dust from the eye sensor is necessary to debunk certain issues. Or, a professional team should be called to open the garage door manually from the outside or inside.

How to Open Electric Garage Doors Manually?

Opening garage doors manually is not that difficult as long as you are aware of the cords that need to be pulled down. An automatic garage door can be opened from inside and outside. To know whether or how you can manually open the garage door with/without a broken spring as well, the same can be applied. 

To Open Garage Doors from Inside

Opening garage doors manually from the inside is different from the process that you follow from the outside. It involves the removal of batteries, inspecting issues with doors, separating them from their systems, and then proceeding with other instructions to open them.

Check the step-by-step details given here:

  1. Remove Batteries or Unplug the Electric Opener:
    • Whenever you are repairing an electric item, it is advised to shut down the device first.
    • After this, remove the cord from the main power supply board.
    • If it is battery-powered, then make sure you remove the batteries beforehand.
  2. Check Doors for Possible Issues:
    • Now, double-check the issue to know why won’t my garage door open manually or automatically.
    • Check if there is any structural damage or not. When everything is in fine condition, you can move to the next step.
  3. Separate the Door from the System:
    • To separate the door from the system, you will need to locate and pull down the emergency release cord.
    • Find a red-colored wire that is generally available in the center and above the automatic garage doors.
    • Now, pull it, and you will hear a “clicking” sound. This will indicate that the door is separated from the main system.
  4. Try to Push the Door up:
    • Use both of your hands to lift the doors of the garage up.
    • Try to move the doors until they reach the top.
    • When you do it, take some more time to ensure that the doors are now stabilized and not coming down to crash your car.
  5. Pull the Doors Back Down:
    • Once you are out with your car, drag the doors down to fully shut the garage.
    • Since manual locks are available outside the garage doors, you must locate and secure them properly.
  6. Let Automatic Functions Work Well: In case the automatic garage doors do not work due to dead batteries or power outages, then wait for the electricity conditions to get normal. After this, do the following:
    • Once the electricity is restored, plug the power cords back.
    • Press the “Open” button to reconnect the garage doors.
    • Check if the doors are properly working or not.

For Opening Garage Doors from Outside

You will need a little expertise to open electric garage doors manually from outside. To find out the process, here are the steps:

  1. Unlock the Locks of Manual Doors:
    • If the garage doors are locked from the outside, try to slide the manual lock first.
    • If it is working that way, then it is fine. Otherwise, you can move to the next step.
  2. Find the “Emergency” Release Kit to Insert Keys:
    • An emergency release kit is generally available on the garage doors’ top center.
    • However, for this, you will need the keys that you have received at the time of installation.
    • Always keep these keys with you so that you can access the kit and deal with such expected events easily.
  3. Remove Garage Doors from the Automatic System:
    • Now, insert the keys to release a small cord.
    • Just pull it down. You will need to do it until the “clicking” sound is heard.
    • When you hear this sound, it means that the system has been separated from the automatic garage door opening system.
  4. Lift Garage Doors Upwards and Stabilize:
    • Use your hands to lift the garage doors upwards.
    • You will need to do this until the doors are completely open. Do not leave them instantly.
    • Ensure the right position and wait for a while so that the doors can stabilize. This is essential to prevent any accident.
  5. Unplug the Electric Door Openers:
    • Before you close the doors after parking the car in the garage, you must unplug the cables from the electric outlet.
    • Afterward, gradually pull down the doors until they reach or touch the floor.

Tips to Stay Safe When Opening Garage Doors Manually

To open garage doors manually, you must be aware of certain precautions to stay safe. Since the doors are electric, some risks may arise when opening them without caution. Hence, caution is to be exercised essentially.

Some safety tips have been given below:

  • Make sure that every part is powered down or unplugged before opening doors manually. This is essential to reduce the risk of electrocution.
  • Opt for garage door cleaning to prevent debris, dust, and other obstructions to let the rollers and screws work in the right condition.
  • Always look for unusual noises. For instance, if the garage door is making loud sounds or noises while opening or closing, check for the balance.
  • Ask someone to help you put some weight to open the door.
  • Never apply excessive force or try to move the doors too quickly.
  • In case you are still unable to open it, call a professional firm such as Garage Door Repair Group.

Numerous issues with automatic garage doors can be avoided by paying attention to some points. In case you come across any, follow the right process to open the garage door manually from the outside and inside. Lastly, to ease the process and prevent failures, hire a professional for the work.


How do you manually open a stuck garage door?

To open a stuck door, remove the batteries/unplug the electric opener first. After this, remove the door from the system and pull it up to open manually.

How do you manually open a garage door with a broken spring?

It is not suggested to open a garage door manually if there is a broken spring. It is best to call an expert for this.

How do you use a manual release on a garage door?

You can pull the emergency release cord to operate the garage door manually.

Can you manually open and close the garage?

Yes, it is possible to close and open the garage door manually.

Can you manually open an automatic garage door?

Automatic garage doors can be opened manually from inside and outside.

Why is my garage door squeaking?

Damaged/broken springs or loose parts can be the reason for squeaking garage doors.

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