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Sectional Garage Door

What is a Sectional Garage Door? Features, Safety & Benefits

It is said that garage doors can serve as the easiest and most direct way to break into a home. However, a well-chosen and advanced…

Kelly Rose
3rd May 2024
garage door cleaning tips

5 Garage Door Cleaning Tips From Experts

Garage Door can get bent or be dented due to regular bangs or could happen due to clash with heavy objects while passing through. It…

27th April 2024
garage door lock

How to Lock Garage Door – Secure Your Garage Now!

It is important to lock your garage door to ensure the safety of the house and other belongings. For this purpose, there are both manual…

William Caldwell
27th April 2024
Man manually closing the Garage Door

How to Manually Close the Garage Door from Inside and Outside

Automatic garage doors are one of the luxuries of the modern lifestyle. These doors do not need a lot of effort to close, open, or…

Kelly Rose
27th April 2024
how to open garage door manually

How to Open Garage Door Manually from Inside and Outside

Owing to several reasons, a garage door may not automatically open. The situation can occur due to the dead batteries of the remote or simply…

William Caldwell
25th April 2024
Insulate Garage Door

How to Insulate Garage Door: 7 Easy Steps (with Pictures)

Insulating the garage door is the best way to conserve energy and maintain efficiency. It helps safeguard the garage door from extreme temperatures. Also, insulation…

Kelly Rose
9th April 2024
Garage Door Opener Repair

How to Repair Garage Door Opener: 8 Ways (with Pictures)

At times, it can be possible for garage doors to malfunction and not open. It can happen due to a variety of reasons. Common problems…

William Caldwell
8th April 2024

Garage Door Repair Vs. Installation: How to tell?

Is your garage door taking too much time to open or close? Is your garage door making strange sounds that are annoying you? Do you…

8th April 2024