It is important to lock your garage door to ensure the safety of the house and other belongings. For this purpose, there are both manual and automatic locks. If you understand correctly how to lock garage doors, you will be able to operate various types like deadbolts, padlocks, sidelocks, and even electronic locks.

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One can go for automatic locks to add an extra layer of security. Therefore, it is crucial to install the right kind of lock and also regularly check and maintain their proper functioning.

How to to Lock Garage Door

Locking a garage door involves two main methods: manual and automatic. Each of these methods has different types of lock mechanisms. You can choose the most suitable option based on the model of your garage door.

Lock a Garage Door Manually

This method is most useful when there is no power or when the door does not have an electronic mechanism. Here are the different ways which describe how to manually lock garage door:

1. Manual Deadbolt Lock

A manual deadbolt lock is the most traditional and simplest form of securing the garage door. It requires manual operation of the locking system.

  1. It consists of a bolt that slides into a hole in the garage door. 
  2. To lock the door, you should manually slide the bolt into position. 
  3. You can use a key or a code to get the bolt into position. 

2. Padlock

You can drill a hole for a padlock in the track in case your door does not have a specific locking mechanism. Otherwise, you can also undertake the following steps:

  1. Attaching a hasp to the garage door and using a padlock to secure it.
  2. This hasp can be mounted onto the frame of the door. 
  3. You can select a padlock of suitable size as per the size of the door. 
  4. Moreover, it is easy to install these locks as well. 

3. T-Handle Locks

This is one of the most used locks for garage doors which is similar to the traditional locks used for securing homes.

  1. It has a keyhole and a handle. The handle should be installed outside, on the door. 
  2. To lock the door, insert the key into the hole. 
  3. Then, turn the handle in the proper direction to close it. 
  4. This mechanism is in the shape of a “T” and the key is in the shape of a cylinder. 

4. Slide Bolt Lock

Slide bolt locks are placed on the inside of the garage door. They consist of a metal rod and a track.

  1. Make sure that the latch is properly fixed before operating the lock. 
  2. To lock the door, slide the rod into the track by holding onto the handle. 

5. Knob Locks

A knob or handle mechanism enables locking of the garage door from the outside. It is simple to set up as it only has one handle. 

  1. This type of garage door manual lock requires a key for operating the knob. 
  2. It can only be locked from the outside. 
  3. Place the key in the keyhole of the knob and turn it in the clockwise direction to lock the door. 

6. Pin Locks

Known as a bullet or pin locks, these are installed on the inside of the garage door. This type of locking system prevents the garage door from jacking up from its position.

  1. It is to be set up on the roller shutter of the garage door. 
  2. They keep the guide rails from opening upwards. 
  3. You should manually use a key to close the door using the pin locks.

Note: In case any of these mentioned lock systems cause trouble, you can call your local garage door repair service for assistance.

Lock a Garage Door Automatically

Under this method, the garage door gets automatically locked when it is opened and closed. It does not require any key or bolt. It is integrated into the system. Here is how you lock the garage door automatically:

1. Deadbolt – Automatic 

Unlike the manual deadbolt, an automatic deadbolt lock can be operated via a remote.

  1. As the garage door closes, the deadbolt also locks simultaneously. 
  2. Hence, you will not have to personally secure the door each time it opens or closes.

2. Smart Locks

Electronic or smart locks run on batteries and can be controlled by smartphones and keypads. They do not require any physical operation and work automatically when the door closes.

  1. Smart locks can be controlled from anywhere if they are synched with your mobile. 
  2. They provide wireless connectivity and can be monitored by biometric authentication. 
  3. Electronic locks can be accessed through codes instead of keys. 
  4. It is the most convenient locking mechanism as it does not require any manual handling.

3. Handle Locks – Automatic

These are specially made for locking garage doors. They include handles that get automatically locked upon the closing of the door.

  1. The lock will automatically operate if the handle is engaged. 
  2. They work on a latching mechanism. 

Note: The installation procedure of automatic locks is similar to manual locks, except these need to be specially integrated.

How to Secure a Garage Door from the Inside 

There are different methods that you can adapt to secure your garage door from the inside. These include ensuring the safety of the locking system and installing sensors and cameras. Some more ways that show how to secure garage doors include:

1. Protect the Lock

You can protect your lock on the garage door with the help of a zip tie. This will keep outsiders from manually opening the lock.

  1. Shield the emergency release cord as well to ensure additional security. 
  2. You can also use a C-Clamp to hold the lock in place.

2. Install Security Cameras

When using locking systems like side bolts or pin locks that work from the inside of the garage door, it is suggested that you install security cameras.

  1. This will help you to detect any faulty attempt of opening or closing the door. 
  2. Further, it is beneficial to monitor the working of the lock system. 

3. Set up a Garage Door Sensor

By installing a sensor on the inside, you will be able to find out if anyone tries to breach the security system.

  1. Additionally, installing alarms can also prove to be beneficial. 
  2. They will also help in detecting intruders who try to break the lock. 

4. Secure the Door Tracks

Ensure to manually lock garage door tracks from the inside so that they cannot be lifted up. Simple latches and bolts can be used for this purpose.

  1. If possible, try securing the roller of the garage door as well. 
  2. You can use small pins for locking the roller. 

5. Proper and Regular Maintenance

It is necessary to check and maintain the locking and security system of the garage door from time to time.

  1. Such maintenance will help to detect any damage or deterioration. 
  2. You can also follow a few garage door cleaning tips to keep the security system in proper working condition.

One must make sure to install proper locks for garage doors as it is a crucial means of security. Be it a manual or automatic locking system, the main aim is to safeguard the garage doors. Hence, by implementing appropriate mechanisms and using additional security measures, owners can maintain the safety of these doors.


How to lock the garage door manually from the outside?

You can use padlocks, slide locks, or deadbolts to lock the garage door from the outside.

How to install T Handle garage door lock?

To install a T-handle lock, drill 3 holes on the outside of the door. Then, put the T handle in place and set up the release handle from inside. Contact professionals, if required.

How to manually lock the garage door from the inside?

Install the padlocks or the slide bolts on the inside to lock the garage door from within.

Can you manually lock the garage door?

You can manually lock a garage door by setting up a lock each time the door closes.

How do you lock your garage door?

You can use either the manual or the automatic locking system to secure the garage door.

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