At times, it can be possible for garage doors to malfunction and not open. It can happen due to a variety of reasons. Common problems include malfunctioning remotes, broken springs, damaged tracks, or worn-out gears. In such cases, Garage Door Opener repair services become handy.

Repairing default doors starts with identifying the root cause of the issue, which may require inspecting the various components of the opener system. Depending on the complexity of the problem, these repairs can include troubleshooting or replacing the malfunctioning circuits.

Why Won’t the Garage Door Opener Work? 

Most commonly, users report garage door openers as not working due to overuse or issues related to battery. A few more causes for a faulty opener can include: 

  • Placement of Sensors: If the sensors are not placed in alignment, the system can malfunction and thus, not open on command.
  • Springs: Constant use can cause wear and tear of the springs used in the opener system. Such deterioration can delay the working of the opening of the garage doors.
  • Batteries: When the batteries are not properly placed or are drained, it affects the working of the door opener.
  • Vicinity: In case the user is outside the recognizable proximity, the system will not work effectively.
  • Circuit Breaker: The door will not open if the circuit breaker is not in its designated place and not properly plugged in.
  • Rollers: Any obstruction in the rollers due to dust or debris will affect the entire system and the promptness of the opening mechanism.
  • Misplacement of the Photo Eye: The door will not open or close if the photo eye is placed wrongly, or out of alignment.
  • Faulty Remotes: Garage door openers can stop working if the remote does not have fully charged batteries or if it is damaged.
  • No Lubrication: The roller can get stuck due to a lack of lubrication, due to which, it becomes hard for the door to open or close.
  • Issues with the Motor: Any issue with the motor will affect the entire system. If the motor is unplugged or the wires are broken, the door opener will stop working. 

How to Repair a Garage Door Opener? 

Mainly, there are five proven methods using which you can conduct your garage door opener repair. These include the identification of the problem and accordingly undertaking the troubleshooting steps: 

MethodsHow to FixWhen to Apply
Examination of the External ControlsReplacement of the batteries and the keypad.When there is no problem with the motor and it is properly plugged in.
Checking the Safety Sensors
Clean the sensors gently with a soft cloth. Wash away any kind of dirt or debris/moisture.In case there is a delay in the opening or closing of the garage door or there is no visible light from the safety sensors. 
Mechanical Problems Replacing the faulty mechanical parts is the best solution.When the door does not open even if there is enough power and the engine is properly running. 
Examining the Tension Springs. Faulty tension springs are one of the main reasons to call your garage door repair service.When there seems to be an issue with the lifting of the garage door. 
Checking of the tracks and trailsRealigning the rollers and tracks can help fix the garage door opener.In case the door does not open even when the motor is properly running and the external control system is well in order.

How to Repair a Garage Door Opener

Each of the aforementioned methods of repairing a garage door opener has to be undertaken in a series of steps. The details of these steps are given below: 

1. Examination of the External Controls

It is necessary to check the external system first to ensure that all the controls are in the right condition. For this, you can seek the following measures:

Fix Garage Door Opener by Examine the External Controls
  1. Firstly, check if the wall switch, remote, and keypad are in proper condition.
  2. Then, make sure that the remote and keypad have fully charged batteries.
  3. Ensure that you are within the desired range when operating the remote. 
  4. Check if the switch is plugged in.
  5. Replace the batteries in the remote with new ones. 
  6. Try reprogramming the keypad if it does not work. 
  7. Change the wiring of the switch system, if the issue is not with the remote or the keypad.

When all the external controls are properly charged, the system will start working. 

2. Checking the Safety Sensors

While conducting the safety check, it is important to consider the reliability of the sensors. To ensure their proper working, you can undertake the following steps:

Ensure Safety Sensors are working properly for smooth garage door opener process
  1. Confirm that the safety sensors are placed in proper alignment.
  2. Check whether the sensors are facing each other. 
  3. See if there is any object placed as an obstruction to these sensors. 
  4. Remove any object that blocks the light from the sensor. 
  5. Use an appropriate cleaner to wash away any kind of debris. 
  6. Wipe away any moisture or due that is present on the sensor. 
  7. Remove any object that blocks the light from the sensor. 

Once the sensors blink or flash, try operating the opener again to check if it is back in working condition. 

3. Mechanical Problems

Not only technical issues but certain mechanical problems can also lead to the malfunctioning of the system. For mechanical garage door opener repair, users can take the following initiatives:

Ensure Garage Door Opener is Technical Error Free for Smooth Working
  1. Check if there is any breakage in the main gear of the system. 
  2. Examine all the components of the trolly carriage. 
  3. See if there is any loose connection in the circuit breaker. 
  4. Make sure that the motor is properly working and check for tension in the wires. 
  5. If the main gear is broken, you need to replace it immediately. 
  6. Install a new trolley carriage if any of its controls seem to be damaged. 
  7. Get a fresh circuit breaker with all the wires intact. 

If any part of the door opener is damaged, it must be replaced immediately. 

4. Examining the Tension Springs

The tension springs play a crucial role in the proper operation of the garage door opener. Thus, you must make sure that these springs are neither too tight nor too loose by following the steps below:

springs is crucial for proper operation of garage door opener
  1. Check both the torsion and extension springs to see if there has been any wearing out. 
  2. Ensure that the cables are not loose and properly connect to the springs.
  3. See if any of the springs are broken due to excessive tension. 
  4. To fix this issue, new springs need to be installed. 
  5. It is advisable to seek professional assistance to replace springs as it can get quite tricky. 

Breakage to even one spring can disrupt the entire device. Therefore, their timely replacement is essential. 

5. Checking of the Tracks and Trails

Misplacement of the tracks, screws, and rollers is one of the major reasons for the door opener to go out of order. A few simple measures to fix garage door opener include:

Misplaced Tracks, Screws and Rollers Can Stop Door Opener From Working
  1. The metal track of the door opener can be damaged or placed out of alignment. 
  2. Check if the screws in the tracks are too tight or too loose.
  3. See if the rollers made of steel are covered by dust or debris. 
  4. Adjust the position of the track by first loosening its screws. 
  5. Now, once the track is placed in the correct position, tighten back the screws. 
  6. Clean off the dust from the rollers. 
  7. Lubricate the track rail with lithium grease for smooth operation. 
  8. Straighten the metal track and the roller as per the aligned frame,

In case the track or the roller is broken, you are recommended to contact the repair service for further assistance. 

Additional Methods to Fix Garage Door Opener

In addition to the aforementioned methods, you can repair garage door opener by following a few more simple techniques:

1. Checking the Chain Tension

If the garage door opener stops working midway, there can be a problem with the chain. To fix garage door opener problem:

  1. Ensure that the chain is not too tight or too loose. 
  2. Check the manual to make sure that the chain is in its proper place. 
  3. If the chain is too worn out, it is recommended that you replace it.

2. Examine the Locking Mechanism

Sometimes, the system can get locked manually by accident. It will not open unless the lock is removed.

  1. Unlock the system using your user control. 
  2. Refer to the manual if you are unable to unbolt the door opener.

3. Installing a New Garage Door Opener

When the life of the current door opener has exceeded its useful capacity, it is best to install a new system altogether.

  1. Before full replacement, consider which is the most plausible option – garage door repair vs installation.
  2. Call a professional if you wish to install a completely new system altogether. 


Overall, addressing garage door opener repair promptly is essential for maintaining the functionality and security of your garage. Whether it’s a minor adjustment or a significant component replacement, timely attention to issues can prevent inconvenience and potential safety hazards. One can also seek professional help when required and identify potential problems early on.

FAQs About Garage Door Opener Repair

Are garage door openers worth repairing?

It is worth repairing a garage door opener if it has not been used for more than 15 years.

How do you fix a garage door opener?

You can fix a garage door opener by conducting the necessary troubleshooting steps and replacing the faulty parts.

How long does it take to repair a garage door opener?

Based on the cause of the damage, the repair process of the garage door opener can take a few minutes or a few hours.

How do you know if you need a new garage door opener?

When it is beyond repair or not possible to fix the garage door opener, replacement can be the best option.

How do you know if your garage door opener is broken?

If the door gets stuck while opening, emits loud noises, or if the sensors stop working, you can consider the garage door opener to be broken.

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